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My Creations Of The Night Page 1
My Creations Of The Night Page 2

This page is as the previous many of these poems are longer than the ones on the first page. 

This poem was during a time of so called love and happiness. Needless to say it quickly quickly vanished.
"My Love In Life"
My love for life does not exist
My mind demands me to insist.
I wake up to a world of sorrow
I expect the same from morrow.
I have but one joy in my life.
She will make a man a wonderful wife.
Surely for her I would die.
As with her sadness I would cry.
I asked for someone  I could treat
Like an angel not to be an angel.
Instead I got both and blessed by God.
My love has been reassembled
Past cant tell its been remembered.
My human side is coming back.
My monster ways are dieing.
Thanks babygirl your the only one whos trying.

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