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My Creations Of The Night Page 1
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This page is for those interested in seeing my poetry. Many I have written in my darkest times of depression, These poems in my youth were a form of release for me. This release I feel I can share with you. I hope you enjoy that darkness which I have created. 

The darkness embraces his heart
The light held his soul
The man did not know
He sold his heart to the devil
But the light owns his soul
With tears in his eyes
He began to cry
Little did he know
The light had let go
His soul feel from the heavens
Into the grasp of evil
Now the man is dark himself
Never resting never at peace
He will forever walk
Not feeling high
Angry at giving in
Not knowing whats above
Feeling down
Under many
Below lots
Openly I accept death
Wanting to breath no more
I seek the sight of
My own blood upon the floor
I challenge life
I play with death
I wish not to be
My pain can't you see
The depression has ended
Soon also will my life.
Not knowing at all
Loaning to all
Not taking
Not wishing for
Only wanting to give.
Not feeling love
No God above
Below I may go
Heaven I can't see
Only Hell will let me be
One of importance
One of Me.
The Next 9 Poems are all untitled forgive me for not wanting to write untitled by each of them.
Death that cannot be found
Blood stained carpets found all around
The crime that was committed
Unsolved the answer never to be found.
The pain of depression I know is real
These feelings I have you cannot  feel
My hands will be clean of your pain
Your blood, my hands, will not be stained.
If love hurts than why do you
Continue to let the things of pain continue
You say you love me
But why can't you see
I've given you my heart 100% free.
Blue because of you
Tears cried for two
No more pain ever again
I will never give in.
Judgement meant for two
But given to one
An eternity of hell
So much fun
Crying tears of sadness
Knowing no gladness
Surrounded by badness
Death finally arrives.
You have to let life be in control
Well I am the one in control
I am going to allow death to rule
I have always felt a burning pain
The pain of letting my soul go.
Feeling of trying
Love slowly dieing
Pain growing stronger
Depression having ahold longer
My life will know no love
Be still!
You don't own me.
Be still!
I am the one with the control
Be still!
A prowling tiger moving in for the kill
Be still!
To late your dead and for once eternally
Be still!

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